The 3 Rs

Education has been in the news constantly for the last six months.

It started with home schooling – lessons on line, parents rising to the challenge (or not), a new role for teachers, provision for the children of ‘key workers’…

Parents worked from home at the same time and in the same space as home educating their children; children learnt and developed in social isolation…

Schools attempted to return at the end of the summer term; small ‘bubbles’ of children/students socially distanced both in and out of the classroom.

We have examined the examination-less national examination system – results, revised results, their impact and fairness…

Now, with schools reopening for all children, we are discussing the nature of schooling, returning to a ‘Victorian’ system, wearing face-masks, children falling behind, particularly in the 3 Rs – reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmetic…

Let me sketch out 3 Rs that are in the background and perhaps more important


  • Children have rights in provision appropriate to their ability and needs.
  • Parents have rights to access and information.
  • Teachers have rights to good working conditions, fair pay.
  • All have the right to feel safe and secure, to the best resources available, to fairness in provision and treatment…


  • Children have responsibilities to do their best
  • Parents have responsibilities to protect and provide for their child
  • Teachers have responsibilities to provide the best that they can for each child
  • All have responsibilities in care, co-operation, communication…


  • Children develop relationships with other children and adults  
  • Parents teach and model relationship to their children in the home
  • Teachers build relationships with the children and model good relationships in the school community.
  • All treat others kindly and with respect , building their school community through relationships for the benefit of the children

It as we develop and balance these 3 Rs that the rest of education falls into place.

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