‘Lessons must be learnt’ (5) – God?

Coronavirus-world has made many question the god that they believe in.

Other world events and situations bring similar questions…

  • 300,000 homeless after the Beirut explosion
  • 70 million refugees in the world… our awareness through recent Channel crossings
  • Global warming and its consequences
  • Land and sea pollution
  • World poverty, famine, suffering
  • Prejudice, inequality, hatred and division
  • Repeated floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunami’s….

The illusion: We have come to believe that our lives can and should be comfortable: accidents shouldn’t happen, the sick should get better, suffering can be avoided, what is broken can be thrown away and replaced, what is inconvenient can be ignored.

The questions:

  • Is God in control? Is the world out of control?
  • Is God really good and loving?
  • Why does God allow suffering?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • If God has a ‘greater purpose’ what is it?
  • If God is everywhere, where is he in all of this?

The Extremes

  • God is in control and everything happens for a reason. He is the divine chess player. We remain passive. We accept pain, injustice and oppression – everything – as his will.
  • Either God doesn’t exist or he is absent from the world. It is out of his control. There can be no hope because either he can’t or he won’t do anything.

The reality: The world is full of foolishness, evil, confusion, injustice and suffering. There are many good, caring people. In pain and suffering we often see the greatest love.

The challenge

  • To those without a faith – it is easy to destroy faith – what can you build in its place?
  • To those who may have faith – It is easy to opt out of difficult questions
  • To those with faith – Re-examine your beliefs, admit when you are unsure…
  • To all – retain honesty, openness and integrity in your discernment of truth: build robust answers to difficult questions

To be continued tomorrow…

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