‘Lessons must be learnt’ (1) – Inclusion & Care

At work, in church, amongst friends I have been told ‘there are lessons that must be learnt’. It was said with a knowing look that implied I should know, understand and learn these lessons.

Those who spoke of those ‘lessons’ didn’t give an explicit description of what they were, whether we shared a common understanding of them, or an explanation how they should be learnt.

We have been told that there are ‘lessons that must be learnt’ from the Covid 19 experience by politicians, health experts, last week by education experts…

I’ve been musing on lessons I think must be learnt:

Story-summary, Sermon-outline

Jesus tells a story about the ‘kingdom of God’ as a great banquet (Luke 14:15-24)

  • Invitation – A great banquet is planned; invitations are sent out.
  • Indifference – Those invited make excuses; banquet’s not a priority.
  • Inclusion – The invitation is extended to include the disadvantaged, handicapped, beggars and outcasts.
  • Incompleteness – The banquet is incomplete without the outcasts and disadvantaged.


Covid 19 has reminded us that all are included in…

Needing care: The elderly in care homes, those sleeping rough on the streets, parents struggling with home schooling, the socially isolated… No-one should be forgotten or omitted.

Providing care: Thursday applause reminded us of NHS workers – and also refuse collectors, shop assistants, care workers, teachers… all are vital in our communities. But we all play our part with the timely phone call, collecting shopping, sending a card, reminding someone that we care.

The circle of care: Carers need those who care for them; those who give need those who give to them; we can all be heroes, but we are mutually-dependent.  

Being valued and valuable: The great banquet – social or spiritual, human or divine, grounded on earth or aspiring to heaven – includes all. Diverse individuals with equal value are invited, loved and have a part to play.

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