Letter from Chris

Chris and Geneviève

Chris, my older brother, lives in France. Musing on a letter from him yesterday…

On March 20th I had the last of 9 sessions of chemotherapy. This was the second series of chemo that I have had…

Stuff happens. This week’s worries, anxieties, prayers… teenage children with physical and psychological concerns, a wife with mental ill-health, crucial hospital visits, potential redundancy, a son’s unpleasant divorce, a psychotic episode…

Chris saw his oncologist on Wednesday… ‘The pause was very welcome as I took longer and longer to recuperate. We were able to have an excellent holiday in the South of France. Just another expression of God’s sovereignty and kindness.’

Chris’ faith is such that cancer (bad) and holidays (good) are both in the hands of a sovereign God.

And a kind God. I used to think kindness was weak and bland. My view has changed! God’s kindness, people demonstrating kindness, the kindness of others to me, is strong and sustaining.

’Unfortunately the PSA level (the cancer marker) for prostate cancer has continued to augment and my oncologist insisted that I begin the third chemotherapy series on August 6th…’

Yesterday musing on ‘only the good die young’; today musing that all life is fragile and unpredictable…

I remain in the hands of my heavenly Father who is in supreme control. This is very reassuring. Geneviève (Chris’ wife) remains at peace… all this has united us as a couple even more… the next months remain uncertain… but God knows all about this… 

Chris’ illness and uncertainty deepens his faith in a loving Father God who is involved in every detail of his life and brings peace.

Thanking you for your friendship, Chris.

He signs off grateful for friendship. Stuff happens. We support those in need. More than that we learn to give, receive and appreciate love as demonstrated through friendship.

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