Christian-Muslim musings

Persecuted Muslims

Henrietta Blyth says that Christians should campaign against the persecution of Muslims.

Responding to reports from China, that in Xinjiang detention camps at least a million Uighur Muslims and other minorities are being held, she says: ‘We need to pray and advocate for everybody to be free to worship according to the faith of their choosing… Speaking out on behalf of our Muslim neighbours is not only an act of love, it is an obligation.’

Converted Muslims

Over a hundred years ago my grandparents brought Christian faith to Muslims. Their missionary work in Tunisia and Morocco was continued by Aunt Helen and Cousin Lois. More recently Brother Chris has returned to teach and support North African Christians.

Nephew Benjamin, a Christian missionary in the Ivory Coast, has seen Muslims converting to Christian faith.

For over a century my family has brought Christianity to Muslims, in countries where majority Muslims persecute minority Christians.

Muslim Enemies?

Last week, discussing Christian ‘battles’, I suggested that we may fight the wrong enemy: ‘The enemy isn’t Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists, or Jehovah’s Witnesses… It is not religion or lifestyle.’ 

Muslim-Christian Marriage

Dave Tomlinson describes the wedding of Amaka, a Christian, to Ansumana, a Muslim that was jointly conducted by Tomlinson, a parish priest, and an imam:

‘Many people’s vision on religion was transformed that day. The congregation, which included Muslims, Christians and people of no faith in particular, witnessed a spectacle of religious harmony – the celebration of a multi-faith marriage, the warm partnership of a priest and an imam, the mingling of different communities and traditions, and the demonstration that God belongs to no one and everyone.’

Christian-Muslim Musings

How do I bring my liberal western values – tolerance, freedom of speech, religion and belief, together with my Christian views of truth, justice and compassion?

Hopefully I’ll get a little further by tomorrow. Any thoughts?


Henrietta Blyth, ‘Why Christians should campaign against the persecution of Muslims’, Blog, Premier Christianity, 20th July 2020 

Henrietta Blyth is the CEO of Open Doors, a charity that supports persecuted Christians in over 70 countries around the world,

‘Onward Christian Soldiers?’ – My musing 14th July

Dave Tomlinson, ‘How to be a Bad Christian… and a Better Human Being’ 2012

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