Noah for Children?

Donald Miller says: ‘How come we think the story of Noah’s ark is appropriate for children? Can you imagine a children’s book about Noah’s ark complete with paintings of people gasping in gallons of water, mothers grasping their children while their bodies go flying down white-rapid rivers…?’

Has the Bible been reduced to a set of fairy stories fit only for children? Do we present a sanitised, deep-cleansed version of Christian faith? In trying to be relevant, comfortable and acceptable is Christianity misrepresented?

Here are three areas fundamental to my Christian faith:


Christian faith must be based on the Bible.

I seek to make sense of all of it – not in a childish or simplistic way, not just the bits that I like, understand or agree with.

Searching for truth I must ask difficult questions, be prepared to revise my opinions and apply it to my daily life.


Christian faith must be transferable to all. It must have something to say to:

  • My friends with complex, complicated lives who may be angry, confused, disillusioned or suffering.
  • My nephew in the Ivory Coast or my son-in-law’s relations in Brazil.
  • The supermarket assistant, the porn addict, the catwalk model, the stressed parent…

It must have universal reality, importance and application.


Christian faith must be accessible and relevant to me today, including my past experiences and unknown future.

It must embrace my doubts and insecurities with honesty and authenticity.

It must be holistic, involving my body, mind, character, spirit, emotions, family, friends, time, money….

Personal Musing…

I am committed to Christian faith that isn’t neat or tidy. I don’t feel certain all of the time but I have hope. I know that mystery, beauty, truth and love, expressed in the historical, living, loving person of Jesus is sufficient for me. I am content.


Donald Miller: ‘Blue Like Jazz’… the starting point for today’s musing

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