Calculated Risks


I met to Gary, a paramedic. Dealing with patients, visiting homes, entering hospital, negotiating coronavirus, he has to take ‘calculated risks’.

I met David, an HLTA in a local school. Social distancing, the distressed or troubled young child, necessary physical intervention… calculated risks.

I met Rob, whose care work with adults with significant mental ill-health, constantly requires calculated risks.

There is no time or opportunity for a formal ‘risk assessment’. An instant decision has to be made.  


Bible stories often involve calculated risks. Noah’s ark building, Daniel’s lion encounter, Peter and Andrew’s call to follow Jesus…

A ‘calculated risk’ considers others involved and possible outcomes. It involves trust, vulnerability, an uncertain future, potential failure – and a decision.

Daniella Westbrook describes a conversation with God before she discovered faith: ‘This is really hard and I can’t do this on my own. But if I’m meant for more than to just be working in television and wasting my life doing other stuff, then you need to step in and help me out because I can’t do it on my own.’

A calculated risk.

Jesus was in a crowded house and four men come with their paralysed friend. Unable to get to Jesus they make a hole in the roof and lower him through that hole.

They took a calculated risk regarding the reaction of the house owner to his damaged roof. A bigger calculated risk involved Jesus’ ability to deal with their friend’s physical condition following their dramatic action.


My thoughts and prayers are with friends:

  • Facing significant surgery
  • Looking for love – following past failed relationships
  • On medication or undergoing therapy
  • Taking their next step in life or faith
  • Anxious following self-isolation
  • Deciding about parent-care, education or employment…

May you know wisdom as you make your ‘calculated risk’.


Interview with Daniella Westbrook – Premier Christianity Nov 2013

Known as an actress in Eastenders, for her cocaine addiction and her life as a celebrity. She describes her awareness of God as a ‘higher power’ through Cocaine Anonymous and her journey through treatment to faith.

Story of the paralysed man is told in Mark 2

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