Living Today


‘Ambulance’ last night reminded us: ‘You only die once but you live every day.’

*Tim’s daughter is having regular nightmares. George has been in constant pain for nearly two years. Steve has recently met a girl and wonders what the next steps should be. Bill is furloughed and uncertain of future employment.

I face today thoughtfully, musing on today’s challenges.


Nigel is thankful, describing ‘things I wouldn’t have done without lock-down’:

‘…Visit people’s gardens to film them giving testimonies or thoughts at a ‘social distance’.

Learn about fish ponds, grass snakes, birds… from the husband of one of our church members.

Spend time with others that I don’t normally visit much.

Watch a variety of birds feeding at our two month old bird feeding post…

I face today thankfully, musing on what makes today different and special.


Peter sent me the picture above: ‘Julia and I bought this in Camden Market, having been through previous relationships it serves as a reminder for us that we need to be more patient at times and rely on God and his timing.’ 

Today is God’s gift. I face today and live today with God. I cannot see him but he is present and active.

I face today theologically, musing on what God is doing and my involvement with him.


Peter also sent this picture: ‘…although we both have a past which we often talk about, because that makes us the people we are today, we have a future together… we are heading that way… it is where our future lies, not behind us.’ 

St Paul balanced past, future and present: ‘Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead I press on….’

Yesterday taught me and shaped me; tomorrow inspires me and gives me hope; today is God’s gift that I fully engage with.


*Not real names

Philippians 3:13-14

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