Musings on Passing

Coronavirus has made us consider death…

Bishop Michael Curry reflected on George Floyd: “… For one man to place his knee on the neck of another and to… choke the breath of life that God gave out of him… it is unconscionable, it’s unthinkable, and it’s horrible.”

Yesterday the mother of suicide victim Caroline Flack fiercely criticised her prosecuting lawyer: It is deeply regrettable that Mr Beltrami could not have let my beautiful daughter rest in peace… the CPS had no idea that my daughter may take her life…’

Yesterday Chris* told me that his friend Jasmine’s grandmother, sister-in-law, mother and husband had all died over a relatively short period of time. Expecting twins that she lost after six months Jasmine and her young son are now trying to rebuild their lives.

On Sunday Rick reflected on his previous week: ‘On Monday we had a lovely socially distanced morning in the garden with my 44-year-old son, my granddaughter and my youngest daughter. Within an hour of them leaving, my son had a big heart attack and suffered a cardiac arrest…’

Grateful for his son’s survival…‘This all took me back thirteen years to my own heart attack, a time when I did not know whether I would live or die. I discovered then, experientially, just how fragile life can be…’

Michael Curry: There is a part of us that just wants to throw up our hands, and in the words of the Psalmist cry… How long oh, Lord? How long? And yet, we are not victims of fate. We are people of faith…

We follow in the footsteps of Jesus. And this Jesus taught us that love will make a way out of no way… And that if you dare to follow his way of love, you will find God’s way of life…’


Michael Curry (Who presided over the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) – reported ITV News June 5th

Eastern Daily Press June 8th – reporting on the TV presenter Caroline Flack’s suicide, and her mother’s statement following the lawyer’s decision to speak out, justifying his decision to prosecute.

*Chris & Jasmine – Not real names

Rick Hughes blog ‘In the Midst of Life’ June 7th

Michael Curry: Washington National Cathedral May 31, 2020 ‘Pentecost in a Pandemic’

One thought on “Musings on Passing

  1. Nice post.
    Guess that was one of the band at the wedding?
    Did I ever lend you God’s Secretaries by Adam Nicholson?

    Looking forward to our next post-covid pint(s)

    Predictive text said ‘pist-COVID’


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