Hope through Love

The last two books I have read are so different.

‘We need to talk about Kevin’ tells of a boy who kills 7 students and 2 adults in his high school. It asks questions about family, life and death. It is chilling, shocking and hope-less.

Eva, Kevin’s mother concludes: ‘…I am too exhausted and too confused and too lonely to keep fighting, and only out of desperation or even laziness I love my son.

He has five grim years left to serve in an adult penitentiary, and I cannot vouch for what will walk out the other side.’

In contrast Louise, having lived through the death of her husband from cancer, concludes: ‘George lived a beautiful life and died a remarkably courageous death. There was no measure of fear whatsoever about the end. Just peace, just glory just love.

We both found such courage, hope and strength from the fact that we encountered a love that neither of us had ever recognised before. It was our experience of God’s love that made us able to face death and grief with such peace and confidence. We both trusted and I continue to trust this love implicitly every day.’

My friend Adam describes living ‘…in chaos for many years, addiction, crime, prison, violence… the unexpected became the expected… I had to be alert to the invisible and visible dangers which that way of life offered; often looking for an escape route from the complexity of my situations.

… That way of living is in the past… I have come to realise that God is continuously revealing himself; speaking to me through the beautiful songs of the birds in the sky… When I turn my attention from the temptation of fear to the simplicity of God’s love, I realise he is and always has been with me.’


‘We Need to Talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver (2003)

‘Hope is coming’ by Louise Blyth (2020)

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