I Believe The Bigger Picture (4)

I believe, for every drop of rain that falls, A flower grows… I believe that somewhere in the darkest night, A candle glows… I believe for everyone who goes astray, Someone will come, to show the way,

Did God make, send or allow coronavirus? Why? Where is he?

Sarah asks where God is in her cancer: ‘I am still struggling with the “God is in control of all things” He didn’t create cancer but he allowed me to have it…

…my faith began to shake… I still believed that God was there … I was clinging on by my fingertips … I didn’t want to leave my family and friends behind. 

God’s protection is not from cancer and all the suffering life throws at us. It’s heart/soul protection. We are safe… His presence is the only thing that matters.’

Sheila, medical director of a hospice, believes in a God ‘…who both permits suffering and is involved in his creation and his creatures, although we are at a loss to understand his ways.

My own experience of personal suffering and many years of working with the oppressed and dying has left me knowing less and believing more.’  

Sarah and Sheila’s complex faith can be simple:

Becca, a student midwife, sees God ‘… every time a baby is born and in a mothers face when she sees her baby for the first time. That look of unconditional love is the same one that God gives to us daily and the gift of a new-born is a beautiful reminder of that.’

I believe, above the storm the smallest prayer, Will still be heard… I believe, that someone in the great somewhere, Hears every word…

Every time I hear a new-born baby cry, Or touch a leaf, or see the sky, Then I know why, I believe!


‘I Believe’ – Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl & Al Stillman (1953)… I remember it sung by ‘The Bachelors’ in 1964….

‘Sharing the Darkness’ by Sheila Cassidy. Sheila worked with the poor on the streets in Chile and was medical director of a hospice .

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