Straws, Spine and Sight The Bigger Picture (2)


I read of the meaningless of life: Achievements – wealth, possessions, honour Age – Living a long life Appetites – doing and having whatever you want

Kim talked about friends in the ‘anorexic community’. Their obsession with their weight prevents them from seeing or thinking of anything outside themselves.

She talked about another friend’s mental ill-health. Self-focused, she can’t see the effect she is having on her family or the bigger picture of the world outside herself.

Rick wrote of continuing cancer treatment, faith through bad days and sleepless nights:

‘…I pray to sanctify the time,
And try to form the sentences
That would express myself to God,
But concentration fails again.

Resolving then to soak within
God’s presence, wordless, letting go,
All I can hear is me in wild
Disturbance, as if going mad…’

He describes gathering ‘straws of grace’ – the new fence erected, contact with an old friend, a get-well picture made by neighbour’s children, good news from his family, cakes made and enjoyed. His straws grow into a stack!

Josh, a medical student, wrote: ‘All amazing healthcare professionals are demonstrating the love of God whether they realise it or not; caring for complete strangers, putting others’ needs before their own, investing in others’ suffering and always endeavouring to offer hope. A glimpse of Jesus…

God’s Love is the backbone (I should say spine) of the nation’s healthcare…’

James, a journalist, wrote: ‘I hold on tight to hope, hope that will overcome my own selfishness and cynicism in the light of my faith, and the hope which stems from my relationship with a loving God, which began neither from some sudden Damascene light, nor from a voice from a burning bush but because I simply accepted the possibility that God might exist. Once I started looking for him I couldn’t stop seeing.’

Ref: Ecclesiastes 6 – A great 3 point sermon! … Perhaps a 4th point – Answers – none exist!

James Marston – (Eastern Daily Press May 13 2020) wrote of the government, coronavirus, Sundays and faith…

If you have something to say about ‘the bigger picture’ – or where you see God – please let me know!

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