It’s good to walk down the street and see so many rainbows! This one’s Megan’s!

The rainbow is a picture of peace. The rain-‘bow’ is in the shape of a weapon of war that in ancient times fired arrows and brought death. A sign of war was an upright bow, ready for action. A bow on its side was inactive and a sign of peace.

The rainbow is a picture of hope. Rainbows only come when there is rain and sunshine. The storm that may have brought floods and devastation will pass. The sun will shine.

The rainbow is a picture of beauty. The sun shines through the clouds and raindrops bringing the rainbow’s beautiful colours.

Sometimes the rainbow has been:

  • The false hope of the Irish Leprechaun’s promised pot of gold.
  • For minority groups – Greenpeace activists or my LGBT friends.
  • Dorothy’s fanciful wish –  

‘Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue

And the dreams you dare to dream really do come true.’

Today it is real and for all, as many good people shine their sunlight through the dark rain of coronavirus to produce a rainbow of true peace, hope and beauty.

Many link the rainbow to the ancient story of Noah – who built an ark that saved him, his family and many animals from drowning in a flood. The story ends with God telling Noah that the rainbow is a ‘sign’ to remind us that whatever happens God stays in control of his world.

More than that, God is present with his people in all disasters – floods, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, pandemics or personal tragedy. It is in these very situations that the peace, hope and beauty of the rainbow is high in the sky (or displayed in windows!) for all to see.

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