Valuing the positive

Captain Tom Moore has been inspirational! The 99 year old war veteran aimed to raise £1000 for NHS charities by walking a hundred laps of his garden. This morning’s BBC news says that 800,000 people have donated and he has currently raised over £17m!

Rather than focusing on the negative – his cancer, his broken hip, his age or his lack of mobility he showed courage, determination – and what he could do.

Yesterday a friend was telling me of her boredom – her usual work, hobbies, activities and meetings with friends had all stopped. Many are who are finding it tough – feeling frustrated or cut off, suffering or bereaved.

And yet Tom Moore reminds us of the benefits of focusing on what we have, rather than on what we don’t have; what we can do rather than what we can’t do.

The patient returning from hospital on the road to recovery, hugs from loved ones, the ability to get out and meet people; all are valued in a new light.  

As children grow up we value their first steps, their first words. We have had many pieces of ‘artwork’ in a place of honour in our kitchen. Children are valued for who they are…

I love Jesus’ story of the prodigal son. As he returns to his father there are huge celebrations not because of his possessions or moral virtue – by those measures he was a failure. He was valued because he was the son who had returned home.

We certainly value our NHS and key workers for what they do and what they have achieved in diffficult circumstances. We value ourselves, with both our strengths and gifts, as well as our flaws and failures – as ourselves.

Let’s remember to be positive and value ourselves and each other!

2 thoughts on “Valuing the positive

  1. Well done, I agree we should value friends and family more and celebrate what we have rather than focus on what we don’t have.


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