Black Lives Matter

Yesterday George Floyd’s brother Philonise spoke before the House judiciary committee calling on Congress to act over police violence: ‘…make the necessary changes that make law enforcement the solution – and not the problem… Teach them what it means to treat people with empathy and respect…’ Home Secretary Priti Patel, described in the House ofContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

Two More ‘Passing’ Songs

When you walk through a stormHold your head up highAnd don’t be afraid of the dark… Carousel tells of millworker Julie Jordan and carousel barker Billy Bigelow. They fall in love and marry. The troubled Billy is violent towards Julie. Involved in a bungled burglary he kills himself. Nettie, Julie’s cousin, sings ‘You’ll Never WalkContinue reading “Two More ‘Passing’ Songs”

When ‘we’ becomes ‘I’

On Thursday I mused on ‘We Shall Overcome.’ The hymn-spiritual of 100 years ago was ‘I Will overcome’. It was changed to ‘We Shall Overcome’ to unite white and black people in the civil rights struggle. Some from the black community argued that it should stay ‘I’. They said that if you say, ‘We shouldContinue reading “When ‘we’ becomes ‘I’”

Humility, Humanity and Hope

Coronavirus and continuing health concerns keep us humble. Those who pride themselves in being strong face vulnerabilities and anxieties. Life beyond our control. Tim Farron writes: ‘I, too, have had to admit human frailty, being knocked sideways for a couple of weeks by what was almost certainly a bout of Covid-19… This is all aContinue reading “Humility, Humanity and Hope”

Of Equal Value

Repercussions from George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police continue. Violent rioters clash with the police. 40 cities are in lockdown across the US. There are demonstrations across the world. Politicians speak about law and order, justice and discrimination. A journalist asks, ‘Is a black man worth less than a white blond attractiveContinue reading “Of Equal Value”