Of Equal Value

Repercussions from George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police continue. Violent rioters clash with the police. 40 cities are in lockdown across the US. There are demonstrations across the world. Politicians speak about law and order, justice and discrimination. A journalist asks, ‘Is a black man worth less than a white blond attractiveContinue reading “Of Equal Value”

Both Sides now – This is me

Tears and fears and feeling proudTo say “I love you” right out loudDreams and schemes and circus crowdsI’ve looked at life that way But now old friends are acting strangeThey shake their heads, they say I’ve changedWell something’s lost, but something’s gainedIn living every day Jodi Mitchell’s words speak to me… After 7 weeks ofContinue reading “Both Sides now – This is me”

Both Sides Now – Love and Marriage

Moons and Junes and Ferris wheelsThe dizzy dancing way you feelAs every fairy tale comes realI’ve looked at love that way But now it’s just another showYou leave ’em laughing when you goAnd if you care, don’t let them knowDon’t give yourself away Jodi Mitchell sees the fairy-tale, dizzy, dancing, Disney-perfect love. All will liveContinue reading “Both Sides Now – Love and Marriage”

Both Sides Now – clouds & mental heath

Rows and floes of angel hairAnd ice cream castles in the airAnd feather canyons everywhereI’ve looked at clouds that way But now they only block the sunThey rain and snow on everyoneSo many things I would have doneBut clouds got in my way Joni Mitchell was inspired to write ‘Both Sides now’ in a planeContinue reading “Both Sides Now – clouds & mental heath”

Speak well – truth and justice

Speak well? I watched the news from Minneapolis last night. There was the brutal image of the white police officer kneeling on the neck of the black George Floyd so he couldn’t breathe. There was news of Floyd’s tragic death and the subsequent sacking of four police officers. Thousands of peaceful protesters marched against injustice.Continue reading “Speak well – truth and justice”

Benediction – Speak Well

My schoolboy Latin tells me: ‘benediction’ is made up of ‘bene’ – good and ‘diction’ – speaking. The ‘UK Blessing’ has inspired many in the last month. It is based on Moses’ instructions to Aaron to bless – his benediction for the people: ‘The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his faceContinue reading “Benediction – Speak Well”

The Solution becomes the Problem

The comedian Tony Slattery told of his battles with substance abuse, alcohol and depression. What started as the solution to his problems became the problem. Yeonmi was born in North Korea, living under a brutally repressive regime. She was often starving. Her family only survived through her father’s dealings on the black market. He was caughtContinue reading “The Solution becomes the Problem”