Slipping through my fingers

Yesterday I mentioned this Abba song. Bjorn and Agnetha’s daughter Linda was seven and starting school. Schoolbag in hand, she leaves home in the early morningWaving goodbye with an absent-minded smileI watch her go with a surge of that well-known sadnessAnd I have to sit down for a while School-daughter-stories from yesterday: Emma’s breakfast conversationContinue reading “Slipping through my fingers”

In Tune… Or Not?

‘I Can See Your Voice’ is a recent TV game show where contestants and celebrities must identify good singers from bad singers without hearing them perform. It features talented singers alongside performers who are exceedingly painful to listen to. In tune… or not? We can be in tune as individuals… physically…eating healthily, jogging along theContinue reading “In Tune… Or Not?”

Wasps, Marsh Harriers and Lewis Hamilton

My opinion about wasps has been unchanged many years: wasps sting, scare people and are pointless. Bees sting, but they pollinate flowers, make honey and look furry and friendly. Wasps just look evil. University of East Anglia researchers have compiled evidence from 500 academic papers, concluding that wasps contribute to ecosystems, helping the economy ,Continue reading “Wasps, Marsh Harriers and Lewis Hamilton”

The ‘Aww-Factor’

After weeks of waiting, Willow has had 5 labradoodle puppies. Abi put the picture on Facebook. The picture led to comments: ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Cute’, ‘Adorable’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Aww…’ Willow and her puppies have the ‘Aww-factor’ Henry the poorly hedgehog came into Kim’s garden. Tiny, under-weight and starving he was fed and watered. Kim’s story resulted in:Continue reading “The ‘Aww-Factor’”

Impossible Dreams

To dream the impossible dreamTo fight the unbeatable foe News yesterday included ‘Who paid for Downing Street refurbishments?’ and ‘April had too much frost and not enough rain’. More important news came from Norwich City: ‘…it’s time to give our popular mascot an exciting new look ahead of our return to the Premier League.’ AContinue reading “Impossible Dreams”