An Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday evening we were out walking on Pakefield Cliffs. I was grateful. The sea, the beach, sunshine, a gentle breeze, pleasant people smiling and saying ‘Good evening’… Children and grandchildren had joined us for Sunday lunch. There was conversation and laugher. I was grateful. I don’t take family for granted. Later we walked through KirkleyContinue reading “An Attitude of Gratitude”


Steve and I were talking about Toys-R-Us – the massive store stocking dolls, train sets, lego… Pets-R-Us – that sells pets and all related to pets’ wellbeing…. We mused on the notion of ‘Churches-R-Us’… Choose Your Church Churches-R-Us is a vast warehouse containing all the churches you could possibly imagine. Some people have never been;Continue reading “Churches-R-Us”

Go Compare – Towards a Solution

We play ‘Go Compare’, with our marriage, family, money, popularity, reputation, looks, talents… Looking at those we think are better than us we feel inadequate, deflated, useless… How do we create a new mind-set where we aren’t feeding our low self-esteem by constantly comparing ourselves with others? Musing on ideas that have helped me: KnowContinue reading “Go Compare – Towards a Solution”

Go Compare – The problem

The Advert In a long-running television advert a Welshman, pretending to be Italian, advertises ‘GoCompare’ who will provide the best price for car insurance, home insurance or other financial services. I’m not surprised that it was voted the most annoying advert two years running! The Competition We play ‘Go Compare’: Someone tells their story. SomeoneContinue reading “Go Compare – The problem”

What a Friend we Have in Jesus

What a friend we have in Jesus,All our sins and griefs to bear.What a privilege to carryEverything to God in prayer.Oh, what peace we often forfeit,Oh, what needless pain we bear,All because we do not carryEverything to God in prayer. Joseph Scriven, who wrote this well-known hymn, was born in Ireland. As a young manContinue reading “What a Friend we Have in Jesus”