The Dance of Life

I’m a dancer Morris Dancer I’m a Morris dancer, performing on a village green. An ancient routine to an unwritten melody passed from generation to generation. I celebrate the seasons, the harvest, the gifts of nature. I have little finesse; I’m sometimes drunk; my dance may appear comical, but I perform energetically and enthusiastically. TheContinue reading “The Dance of Life”

The Journey of Life

Christian tradition The Biblical narrative is full of literal and metaphorical journeys. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Jesus, Paul… the Promised Land, Egypt, Exile, Bethlehem, Rome… Three lessons from my journey this week: Travelling companions I have travelled with many. Some have shared my journey over many years, some for short but significant periods ofContinue reading “The Journey of Life”

Cenobites, Anchorites, Sarabites, and Gyrovagues

Recent news can be depressing. Our Communities – hospitals, schools, shops and work-places each face a mountain of challenges. Also doctor’s surgeries, dental practices, care-homes, churches, sport, theatres, cinemas, restaurants… Social problems are highlighted: increased mental ill-health, domestic abuse, unemployment, the need for debt-counselling, foodbanks…. Our Response? We continue to learn to value our communities.Continue reading “Cenobites, Anchorites, Sarabites, and Gyrovagues”

Either-or, Neither-nor, Both-and

Just Two? Two options are presented: truth or lies, life or death, good or evil, black or white. Traditional Christian teaching reflects this choice: heaven or hell, accept or reject, wise or foolish, lost or found… Many questions do only have two possible answers. It is ‘either-or’. ‘Do you take this woman to be yourContinue reading “Either-or, Neither-nor, Both-and”