Learning Lessons and Facing Fears

Musing on recent lessons learnt: fears on ‘returning to normal’ Coronavirus Coronavirus has reminded us of our weakness and vulnerability I fear that, focusing on ourselves, we shall lose sight of others still suffering with coronavirus. 10-year-old Rahaf fled Syria with her family seven years ago to an overcrowded Lebanon refugee settlement. The risk ofContinue reading “Learning Lessons and Facing Fears”

Black Lives Matter

Yesterday George Floyd’s brother Philonise spoke before the House judiciary committee calling on Congress to act over police violence: ‘…make the necessary changes that make law enforcement the solution – and not the problem… Teach them what it means to treat people with empathy and respect…’ Home Secretary Priti Patel, described in the House ofContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

Two More ‘Passing’ Songs

When you walk through a stormHold your head up highAnd don’t be afraid of the dark… Carousel tells of millworker Julie Jordan and carousel barker Billy Bigelow. They fall in love and marry. The troubled Billy is violent towards Julie. Involved in a bungled burglary he kills himself. Nettie, Julie’s cousin, sings ‘You’ll Never WalkContinue reading “Two More ‘Passing’ Songs”