Lonely this Christmas

Try to imagine a house that’s not a homeTry to imagine a Christmas all alone…. It’ll be lonely this ChristmasWithout you to holdIt’ll be lonely this ChristmasLonely and cold… Each Christmas we hear Bing Crosby, The Pogues, Johnny Mathis, Band Aid… and ‘Mud’, singing about memories, emptiness and Christmas loneliness. Our friend Ben wrote inContinue reading “Lonely this Christmas”

5 Friends and Winter Solstice

I spent a large part of yesterday on the phone… five calls… friends I don’t see very often but I care about… friends I’ve known for many years and have kept in touch with. I listened to their personal stories… life-limiting illnesses, hospitals and significant medication, bereavements, family concerns and upsets, mental ill-health, house moves,Continue reading “5 Friends and Winter Solstice”

Christmas Cancellations

The University of Brighton has issued a directive advising staff not to use the word ‘Christmas’ because it is too ‘Christian-centric’ and runs the risk of insulting non-Christians. Instead they should refer to the end of term as the ‘winter closure period’. The UK is increasingly a secular country… Christmas is cancelled. Tonight we wereContinue reading “Christmas Cancellations”

Surviving Christmas

The big news this weekend has been the conclusion of the World Cup. Described by commentators as ‘the greatest final ever’, Argentina won thanks to the ‘magical magnificent Messi’… surviving early defeat against Saudi Arabia, a draw and penalty shoot out against Holland in the quarter-finals, and France’s heroic efforts in the final. Argentina survivedContinue reading “Surviving Christmas”

Fires – Extinguished or Burning

Yesterday morning the fire engines, blue lights and air ambulance arrived. A house round the corner from us was on fire. Neighbours were evacuated, the road closed for a couple of hours… ‘The fire spread to at least three rooves along the row of terraced houses but was stopped from taking hold. One patient, anContinue reading “Fires – Extinguished or Burning”