The John Newton Circle

1778… John Newton, (friend of William Cowper… see yesterday) slave-ship captain and slave trade investor who became an Anglican cleric and slavery abolitionist, introduced a new hymn he had written for his New Year service – ‘Amazing Grace’… 1944… 6 months after D-day… the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. Casualties topped 100,000; reinforcements were desperately needed.Continue reading “The John Newton Circle”

God (still) Moves In A Mysterious Way

God moves in a mysterious wayHis wonders to perform;He plants His footsteps in the seaAnd rides upon the storm. Deep in unfathomable minesOf never failing skillHe treasures up His bright designsAnd works His sov’reign will. Poet William Cowper (1731-1800) wrote this hymn as a poem entitled ‘Conflict – light shining out of darkness.’ Cowper’s motherContinue reading “God (still) Moves In A Mysterious Way”

Looking Back Over My Shoulder

It’s 31st December, 2022… Looking back over my shoulder over the past year… remembering the Mike Rutherford/Paul Carrack song ‘Over My Shoulder’: Looking back over my shoulderI can see that look in your eyeI never dreamed it could be overI never wanted to say goodbye The song describes the mixture of love and companionship, yetContinue reading “Looking Back Over My Shoulder”

Zak, Hannah & Windmills

Yesterday was another family day. Grandson-Zak and Granddaughter-Hannah said, ‘We haven’t been in your musings recently…’ Zak added, ’What about my windmill…?’ Before Christmas Zak had been to Amsterdam with friends; pictures prove it… Windmills keep turning… Musing… the children’s song… A mouse lives in a windmill in Old Amsterdam. He gets a wife, hasContinue reading “Zak, Hannah & Windmills”

Louis And His Shorts

The royal family attend the Christmas Day church service at Sandringham. Crowds gather… TV reporters assemble… The royals smile and chat to the crowd… Apparently… ‘…Hilary Marsh, 71, from Newmarket, Suffolk, said: “I asked William if Father Christmas had been for the children and he smiled back and said, ‘They’ve had enough presents’.”’ ‘…The PrincessContinue reading “Louis And His Shorts”