Choose Life

News about abortion law continues… Strong feelings from both sides… pro-choice, pro-life… the rights of the mother, the rights of the unborn child… Last week it was the rights of those who wish to protest outside abortion clinics…

I googled ‘Choose Life’, expecting to read about unborn children… ‘Choose life’ is an organisation dedicated to fighting teenage suicide…

Rat-man came back on Friday. Following his advice we’d removed the bird-feeders. Rats had been less active – but so had all of our garden wildlife. He said we have a choice…

We put the bird-feeders back up. This morning crazy juvenile squirrels have been chasing round the lawn. The woodpeckers are back, the jay family’s back… rats may return… We chose life!

Yesterday was an all-age service at church, celebrating 50+ years of the good work of Girls Brigade… Many families came, presentations were made, children and young people took part… There was laughter, applause, activity, energy…

I looked around… friends with life restricting disabilities and illnesses… elderly folk who would probably prefer something more gentle and predictable… All were smiling… choosing life.

I’ve read ‘The Sisters of Auschwitz’. After years of resistance the two Jewish, Dutch sisters are finally arrested and taken to Auschwitz. The Nazis had taken everything:

‘First they had taken their work, their schools, their homes and their city. Their neighbours and their friends. Then their families and their freedom. Ultimately their clothes, their hair, their reflection. But not the essence, that is what they need to focus on, they shall not have that.’

With determination, against the odds, they chose life – and survived.


…I choose life… in all its variety… making a positive, active decision… whatever adversity… supporting the weak…

…Isaiah’s extra dimension to life that faith brings… ‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’ (41:10)

I choose life.

2 thoughts on “Choose Life

  1. Choosing life is so much easier when we remember, and hold fast to, Isaiah’s words about our faithful and powerful God. Blessings to you, Leslie


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