All Will Be Resolved

My eyes were tested in January… ‘All is fine. You don’t need new glasses.’ I wasn’t convinced – I thought my eyesight had deteriorated… I accepted the optician’s verdict.

Recently I went for my annual hospital eye clinic appointment. ‘You need new glasses,’ the doctor said. I decided to try a different optician…

Yesterday Greg made me feel comfortable and confident. ‘You need new glasses,’ he said. I should have them in two weeks’ time. All will be resolved.

I was chatting to Hayley yesterday. Hayley has Caleb, who is 3, and a very large bump. Her new baby is due next Friday. Hayley has had a hot, uncomfortable week. She’s had enough of waiting.

Mother, Sarah, has taken time off work, husband Jason has arranged paternity leave… Hopefully, by this time next week, all will be resolved.

Jo and Allan have parked their car outside their house for 11 years. All has been well. Last week a delivery driver drove into their driver’s door and front wing. They contacted his insurance. They need a car to take the family camping today.

Earlier this week another delivery driver drove into the same door and same wing causing further damage. Insurance matters became more complicated… many frustrating hours on the phone.

Today there should be a temporary replacement car… later there will be permanent repair or new car…

Eventually all will be resolved.

Musing… ‘Your eyes will see the king in all his splendour… you will think back to this time of terror… you will no longer see these fierce violent people…the Lord will be our Mighty One… like a wide river of protection that no enemy can cross… For the Lord is our judge, our lawgiver and our king. He will care for us and save us…’ (Isaiah 33: 17-34)  

I love the Bible narrative… many different pictures and stories… chaos, war, darkness, sickness, sadness, death… are transformed to become order, peace, light, healing, joy, life…

All will be resolved.

2 thoughts on “All Will Be Resolved

  1. Yes indeed, and praise God–all will be resolved, whether in the here and now, or Heaven. What a horrible situation for Jo and Allan…talk about “lightning striking twice”! Thanking the Lord they weren’t IN the car. Blessings to you, Leslie 🙂


  2. Thanks Leslie. I love the theme of resolution. It’s the key difference between the ancient traditions tragedy and comedy… in one there is no hope and destruction, in the other there is resolution and happy endings.


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