Open Doors, Closed Doors

Several friends have asked for an update on our rats and kitchen…

We still see rats in our garden. The ‘rat-man’ came again last week. He assured us we don’t have a rats’ nest… – they’re visiting us from neighbouring gardens… It seems that we have an ‘open-door situation’ for rats.

Scott the kitchen fitter has been with us or the last few days – units are in place, work surfaces are fitted. The last thing that will happen is the hanging of the doors; currently we have a kitchen open-door situation – because there aren’t any yet!

It’s the end of the academic year. Children are leaving this year’s teachers and discovering who their teachers will be next year… young people are changing school or leaving school… some are awaiting exam results… university students are graduating and looking for employment… teachers are tidying up loose ends or this year and starting to anticipate next year’s joys and challenges.

Looking back on the door closing behind this year; looking forward to the door opening on next year.   

There’s been lots of publicity regarding the current heat wave… record temperatures, warnings about the effects of heat… our climate’s changing…

Some see the heat as a problem causing inconvenience and discomfort… there may be melting roads, spreading fires, dehydrated people and pets… Others see it as an opportunity… a local beer festival had record attendance and sales… ice cream kiosks on the sea front are enjoying significantly increased trade… barbecues are increasingly popular…

The heat wave – a closed door of problems or an open door of opportunities?   

Musing… ‘These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no-one can shut, and what he shuts no-one can open.’

(John’s words – Revelation 3:7… quoting from Isaiah 22;22)

…closing doors as one season of life ends, opening doors as another begins… closed doors of problems, open doors of opportunities… God’s role in it all.

2 thoughts on “Open Doors, Closed Doors

  1. Oh wow, this post is rich and full, Malcolm. I love Rev 3:7–it does lift my perspective…what seems closed, may not be. With our God, it’s all about opportunities–if there’s a closed door, it’s either because of His protection, or because He has something Much Better coming soon. Now I must admit, the “rats” issue would not lift my spirits one bit!😊

    Blessings to you–and I’ll reply to your email in a day or so…we have rising temps here and I’ve been rearranging furniture, so I’m rather stiff and exhausted. But no worries–I’m very glad to have the project finished!


  2. Thanks Leslie. I think in the past there where times when faced with a closed down I was determined to try to batter it down. Now I think I’m more content to accept that it is closed for a purpose that perhaps I can’t understand…


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