Our God Is A Great Big God

Our God is a great big God
Our God is a great big God
Our God is a great big God
And He holds us in His hand

Yesterday was Sarah’s funeral, at the crematorium for the committal service, and then at her church for the thanksgiving service.

We grieved together, so sad that Sarah is no longer with us. We remembered Sarah together, the good life she lived, the positive influence she had on so many. We thanked God for Sarah, and all she meant to us. We encouraged each other with words of faith, hope and assurance.  

I grieved, remembered, thanked God, was encouraged…

He’s higher than a skyscraper
He’s deeper than a submarine
He’s wider than the universe
And beyond my wildest dreams

Both services reflected Sarah. Family and friends spoke well of Sarah’s kindness, generosity, humour, compassion, consistency, complete integrity… her focus on people rather than material things… the Sarah we all knew and could relate to.

Sarah had helped prepare the services. We were constantly reminded of Sarah’s great big God who holds us in his hands. We all sung this children’s song – with actions! It sums up Sarah’s simple yet profound faith that she wanted to share with everyone.

I smiled through my tears.

He’s known me and He’s loved me
Since before the world began
How wonderful to be a part of
God’s amazing plan

Adam led both services with compassion and sensitivity… constantly positive, pointing to light, life and love rather that darkness, death and disconnection… We remembered Sarah’s certain Christian hope that she wanted to share with everyone…

We read Psalm 23. I shall remember Sarah… led by her shepherd through good times of green pastures and beside quiet waters… along paths that went through dark valleys… to the prepared table – and Sarah loved her food… and now ‘in the house of the Lord for ever’.

Sarah’s God is a great big God
And He holds Sarah in His hand.

8 thoughts on “Our God Is A Great Big God

  1. A very apt sentence Malcolm, ” I smiled through my tears ”

    Both Janet and I have many memories of working with Sarah in our Girls and Boys Brigade work, family services for example, and lots of other occasions as well. Easy to talk too and discuss things with, a very caring person. Also, like everyone who knew her, a good friend.


    1. We all still miss her – and will for a long time yet; her husband is a good friend of mine. Remembering the 300 people at her thanksgiving service showed how much she was loved and respected.


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