Choices and Decisions

Last night we watched ‘Booming Voices’ – a new play about the Norfolk Broads – their history and their future… at the Seagull Theatre…

Through a story about Jen, a young student, we thought about the Broads…old trades and changing farming practices… the challenges that conservationists face with the marshes, waterways and wildlife… opportunities for recreation and tourism… the effects of climate change.

These conflicting needs and challenges lead to difficult choices and decisions in maintenance, management and planning…

Four years ago we had rats in our garden, nesting in our rockery, feeding from our bird feeders. ‘Rodent Service’ pest control put down rat poison. Rats were dealt with.

The rats are back. We’ve both seen them. Do we leave them, hoping they go away? Do we call out ‘Rodent Service’ again? Do we put down our own rat poison? Do we get a trap?… A trap that will kill them or one that will catch them live?

Choices and Decisions.

On Thursday we went to Margaret’s funeral. We’ve known Margaret for many years. We listened to her story… choices and decisions that she made… following her God throughout her life…

…Training as a nurse in London… further midwifery training… going to Bible college… going to India… doing language study… nursing in rural communities… returning to England… becoming a district midwife… joining our church… becoming church secretary… supporting Josephine in her ministry…

Margaret was a good lady whose faith, care and dedication affected many. She faced difficult choices and make decisions well.

Musing… Jacquie and I used to work together. On Wednesday we were chatting about choices we faced… appointing staff, running a school… the motivation that led to decisions made.

Musing… The Jesus narrative… Jesus presented choices that required decisions: ‘Come, follow me… Let your light shine… Love your enemies… Give to the needy.. Go into your room and pray… Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven… Don’t worry… Don’t judge…’

The list’s long and extensive… each requiring choices and decisions.

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