Big Buts

I’ve enjoyed ‘big but’ jokes for years… My inappropriate school-boy humour is often aware the double meaning or ‘misunderstanding’ with but/butt…

‘Should I buy these jeans?’ ‘They’re a good fit, but I’m not sure they suit you.’ ‘’Well that’s a big but…’ I snigger because I’m thinking ‘big butt’

Totally inappropriate.

Some preachers think they’re funny when they say: ‘Whenever you see ‘therefore’ in your Bible you ask ‘what’s it there for?’

I smirk more when they’ve talked about the ‘big buts’ (e.g. Ephesians 2) in the Bible without realising the double meaning.

Again totally inappropriate.

The little conjunction ‘but’ can be a big word, moving us from one situation or opinion to another…:

  • ‘I’ve done my homework but I’ve left it at home…’
  • ‘Your car runs well but it’s failed its MOT…’
  • ‘He may look like a dirty tramp but he’s a millionaire…’
  • ‘I love you but I can’t marry you…’

…Two ‘big buts’ on last night’s news.

Allegations continue regarding boozy parties at Downing Street. Some Conservative MPs said that they support the Prime Minister but they are waiting to read the report from the inquiry that Sue Gray is currently conducting.

Many people who’ve had Covid have ‘parosmia’ (a new word to me!)… a distorted sense of smell… chocolate may smell like petrol, freshly-baked bread may smell like rotten cabbage… They’re free from Covid but their appetite is spoilt.

Reading Exodus this morning… The Children of Jacob/Israel are suffering slaves in Egypt, treated harshly, no apparent hope… But… their God makes promises to them ‘I will free you from slavery… I will redeem you… I will show my power… I will bring you to your Promised Land.’

It’s faith in my God that gives me hope today… I may be facing tough stuff, going through difficult times …but God is with me now …but God can give me the strength I need …but God can change things

These are big buts.

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